Cookies are small text files stored in your browser's data-space by the web pages you visit. We store only a few essential cookies, which helps us remember some useful information to improve your browsing experience of our site. Our web services store the following cookie(s):

Session IDs

These are strictly necessary first-party cookies as defined in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) under EU law on data protection. These cookies hold the session IDs. A session ID is a number or a code, to remember you, so you do not need to login every time you visit our website or every time you switch between our web pages. These IDs also help us remember other browsing activities, such as, items added in the shopping cart, and payment processor's session IDs if you purchase an item from our website.


As of now, we do NOT use any other type of cookies, such as, preferences cookies, statistics cookies, marketing cookies or other tools to track user analytics for personalized advertising or any purpose other than already stated above.